Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Character connections

The Ties that Bind

Aeliana, Andrea & Giacomo: Giacomo and Aeliana fought undead hordes and a necromancer that encroached on her family’s property, they lost unfortunately.
Andrea was there as well, because he had been sent to find Aeliana, or maybe there’s a bit more to it?

Aeliana & Draxis: Draxis got into a battle with a mage, that, looked puny but proved more than he could handle. Aeliana managed to save him, fortunately.

Mary, Draxis & Giacomo
Mary and her family were traveling to Bologna. They were attacked by brigands, one of whom was a mage with a rod that prevented Mary from casting spells, so she sent out a spiritual distress beacon and got Draxis and Giocomo to show up.

Mary & Andrea
Mary and her family, still traveling. She senses spiritual distress in a remote cabin where Blood of Adam members were torturing and about to kill Andrea. So together, they killed the all those Blood of Adam and got away.


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