Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Session 2: Bloody Remains

Giacomo, at present, is a condottiere without a company, and as he has been away from Bologna for some time, is in need of work around the area in any case. He decides to join the local mercenary company. The company’s name is falchi feroci (Fierce Falcons). Fortunately, Giacomo manages to impress their leader, a woman by the name of Lucretia some.

Later that day, while walking about a nearby neighborhood, Giacomo overhears a discussion taking place between a few city guards at a house. They mention, “all that remained was a bloody skeleton”.

The group meets up, and hears from Giacomo about what he overheard.

The group decides to investigate the situation and find out some information from a neighbor of the man who lived at the house the guards were at. They discover that he had been going to the “Frisky Goat” which is a brothel ran by therion (though all the prostitutes are human).

The group also manages to figure out that the being responsible is an Empusa, a vampire-like creature spawned by the ancient goddess Hecate.

Eventually, the group decides to go to the Witchguard for more information. Through intel given to them by Witchguard members Anna and Zenata the group discovers that a servant who works for Giacomo’s family is suspected to be an Empusa.

The group persuades Anna and Zenata to aid them in going after this Empusa and sneak into Giacomo’s family’s home to confront it.

Within the house, the group engages in combat with the Empusa and manages to take it down.

What was learned about the Empusa: They can gain control of a person if they bite them. They all have a weakness which can be seen in a mirror. They are vulnerable to water, especially if it gets into one of their wounds.

The group decides their next course of action is to go to the Frisky Goat and see if someone there may know anything more (their clientele have been targeted by the Empusa Afterall). The Witchguard were confident, however, that the therion faction who runs the brothel are not in cahoots with the Empusa.


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