Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Sessions 3 to start of 4: The Dimensional Tower

The group went to the Frisky Goat where they had… fun, and also found the Chosen of Empusa who was hiding out there (disguised as a human prostitute). The creature put up quite a fight, but the group did manage to kill it, with some aid from therion guards from the Strafalcioni faction.

After defeating the Chosen of Empusa the group met with very Velasco (the Strafalcioni boss, a therion with predominately lupine features) who they discuss the situation with, and get a monetary reward for helping him deal with a threat to his business (which the Chosen of Empusa was).

From Velasco the group learns that some therion are missing, presumed taken by Blood of Adam knights. The group investigates the area where the therion were seen fleeing Blood of Adam, and find a magical circle. They activate the circle and end up in a mage tower.

The tower is warped by dimensional magic, and within the group encounters all manner of strange phenomena, from altered gravity to doors to distant places. They poke around the tower a bit and eventually encounter Leonidas, a therion loyal to Velasco who has been trapped in the tower.

The group discovers thanks to the mad-cat therion Leonidas that the tower is owned by Teo, a nephilim mage. The mage experimented on Leonidas, and left him mangled, but has vanished at this point and not returned for some time.

The group decides to make their way up towers the top of the tower. While making their way upwards the group ventures briefly through one of the tower’s strange doors (which lead to all manner of places) to a desert with a large very hot red sun. It is briefly explored, with the ruins of strange city found, and a temple to some unknown god looted by the group’s resident mercenary with Aeliana alongside. Giacomo gets an odd double bladed weapon and gold.

Through another door Aeliana sees Bologna, and it appears the city is preparing for war.

Potions are found in another room, Mary tries one, which ages her and freaks Andrea out (she runs out and through the door to the desert world).

Eventually, the group makes it to the mage Teo’s room, and confront stone lion statues (the size of house cats), which act as guardians for it.

Aeliana finds a staff (the Thyrsus, which for reasons unknown the Chosen of Empusa have been seeking).

The characters find a door that leads out to an ocean and escape to what they discover is Venice.


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