Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Session 1: Witches & Wyverns

Towards Bologna & the Confused Man
The session begins with the group (which includes Andrea, Giacomo, Draxis, Aeliana and Mary ) heading towards Bologna. Once they pass through the city gates they see a young man, who appears to be quite confused. The man is wearing what appears to be a brown scholar’s outfit.

The group approaches him and asks if they can help him. They find he is seeking someone named Tusco Gardanzono, but doesn’t appear to remember much else, even his own name.

The group agrees to try and help him. The first place they go is where the man recalls “waking up”, which was an alley. He vaguely recalls being attacked by two women in cloaks (though he is scratched up, he doesn’t seem to be severely wounded). The group goes to the alley, looks about, finds a simple copper ring which the man recognizes as his, some sign of struggle, but nothing more.

After going to the alley, Andrea figuring the university may be a good place to start. Once at the university, the group realizes the amnesiac must be a student, because his brown outfit is the same as the uniform of the other students (while the professors have a black outfit). The group mulls over whether to speak to the student body or an academic authority (teacher body I guess). They decide on student body, and eventually end up at the university tavern.

In the tavern a girl recognizes the amnesiac as Tusco (the person who he had initially thought he needed to find was himself), and it is found out he’s been missing for a few days. One thing leads to another, it’s figured out he’s a mage, but now he can’t recall how to cast.

Mary uses her supernatural powers upon him hoping to discern more and receives a vision of a cloaked woman before a building falling down.

Andrea attempts to heal Tusco some and manages to bring back some memories, but they are not pleasant. The amnesiac now believes he is a murder, who killed someone wearing an emblem of “a knight driving a sword through a dragon”. He also believes himself responsible for burning down a building, and is able to direct the group to the location. The building ends up being the Blood of Adam’s headquarters. Once there the group discovers the building was burned down a few weeks prior as well.

Aeliana, having the ability to enter dreams and bring other people into them (assuming they are somewhat nearby and sleeping) decides perhaps getting into his subconscious could bring more to light. Thus the group heads to Aeliana’s simple apartment and decide to journey into Tusco’s dreams. There they confront two warrior-mage women, and manage to note the women are wearing a pendant of silver branches intertwined. The warrior-women are more than a match for the group, so Aeliana pulls them out of the dream sequence. The group deals with their psychic wounds gained from the sequence and rests.

After this the group goes to the Sisterhood of the Phoenix, just in case they may know more or have some connection to the women who were in the dream sequence. They do know of the Witchguard, and that the symbol of the intertwined silver branches is there’s. They offer to give Tusco a safe place to stay, and thus he stays under their protection for the time being.

After this the group enjoys themselves at the University tavern (The Open Book) a bit.

The Whispering Wall

The next day the group splits.

Draxis discovers rumors of missing children, and some people believe it is a lacerta.
Mary while surveying the city also notices a point at which there seems to be aethereal activity.

The group thus decides to check out that location, discovering the “Whispering Wall”. They manage to communicate with people who seem to be trapped within, including a child which claims it was snatched up and carried away by some terribly creature with a stinger. The child claims the creature killed him once reaching a barn.

A woman sweeping the area notices the group while they are making use of the Whispering Wall.

The Menace in the Countryside

The group sets off to ask around the countryside about missing children, signs of large flying creatures and any barns that might be convenient for such a thing.

Eventually, they find said barn, in which there is a fire-breathing wyvern keeping a badly wounded human child. The group provokes the wyvern, and combat commences. The wyvern is slain and the child saved and returned to its family.

The wyvern’s head is taken by Draxis and turned in as evidence to the authorities. Aeliana takes the wyvern’s stinger.

While the wyvern’s head is dropped off, a confrontation with two Witchguard is had, they mention being most interested in any information the group might have on the mage who burned down the Blood of Adam headquarters.


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