Aeliana Mercuri


Female Tarasque lacerta (shapeshifting scion of a dragon-god). Green witch (with beast and plant subpaths). Her tell is pitch black nails. weak spot is a spot under her left wing (“wingpit”).


Appearance in dragon form

Bronze dragon, 6 feet when standing up as a biped, but with a tail that is about as long as she is tall, so placing her at 12 feet in length from tip of snout to tip of tail. She’s muscular and powerfully built in a way that’s a bit thick for a flying creature. She has what looks like a ruby (a carbuncle) on her forehead giving a third eye sort of look.

Her weak spot is a place under her left wing where scales are missing.

Human form

In her human form, she appears to be in her mid 20’s. She wears her black hair long and flowing and has deep brown eyes. She often wears a mask as her Mage oath is to not cast unless wearing the visage of a dragon (so in dragon form or wearing something that makes her look draconic).

Her clothing looks like that of a noble lady, however, it is very well worn and her overall darker olive-complexion and somewhat muscular appearance gives her more the look of some sort of peasant-girl laborer.

Her sign of being inhuman (tell) is that her nails are black like the claws of some creatures.


Aeliana Capello was born in a small hamlet nestled in the northern Italian countryside some 84 years ago. Her father was the local trapper, and her mother a lacerta, who had in the past worked alongside the Benandanti.

Aeliana’s mother made a point of teaching her the magical arts, particularly those which involved tapping into the powers of plants and beasts.

However, shortly before Aeliana’s 14th year, her mother left. All Aeliana now recalls is that her mother was leaving “to enter the sleep of a hundred years”. Her mother also had some manner of deal with a noble family, “a very longstanding one”, and Aeliana was thus married off. It was only a year after she was married off that Aeliana awakened to her lacerta nature.

Aeliana served the family not only as wife and mother but as mage as well, and within the family her magical arts and advice as hedge witch was not feared but valued.

Since then, of course, many years have passed, Aeliana has raised a family, and since outlived her husband, and most of her children, all the while not appearing to age beyond her twenties.

Though Aeliana had grandchildren and great grandchildren, she over time grew more distant from the family she was a part of, though it would not be true to say that she completely severed her ties to them. Her adventures took her to many places, but a few years ago she settled down in Bologna, and joined the artisan’s guild as a sculptor, using her magical abilities to shape plants and even creatures as well as working with clay.

Aeliana’s daughter tragedy (ties into the trouble)

One of Aeliana’s daughters married off to a condottiere. Every time he returned from combat service he grew more mean and bitter, and eventually became very abusive.

The daughter was a mage, and finally snapped, becoming a warlock in the process. Aeliana found out about this, and saw that her daughter was beyond the point where she could be saved. The daughter had already badly injured her husband, and her daughter’s own children had fallen victim to her chaotic magics as well. Seeing that it was necessary Aeliana did what would have once been unthinkable: slew her daughter and her daughter’s husband. Aeliana has since become more and more hardened and found herself drifting from humanity towards her more inhuman draconic side.

However, there is a part of her that has not quite forgiven herself for what she had to do, and this situation she tries to avoid discussing or thinking on if at all possible.
Aeliana’s long life has meant seeing many loved ones die or grow distant, and in response she has become jaded, and in part to cope she has become downright hedonistic.

Aeliana Mercuri

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