Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Session 6: the Dragon is slain, an Angel appears

The group has begun to get situated in the tower, that formerly belonged to the earth mage Prelatus.

They decide to pursue a neglected lead at this point; a member of the Sisterhood of the Phoenix had a ring stolen, Ginevra heard about it, knows of the description, and thanks to her occult resources determined it is very likely a ring of magical nature.

One person involved in the theft has been captured but sufficiently useful information hasn’t been gotten out of him yet. The group goes to speak with the prisoner, and finds out who likely presently has the ring, and some of his common hangouts. They decide to give the bar this fellow frequents a visit. Lucky them, the fellow is there, the ladies in the group decide to try seducing him, he’s clearly well on his way to becoming drunk, and well, why not help him out. One thing leads to another… some of the group ends up back at his place. He passes out drunk, and they snag the ring. Mary ends up being the one holding onto it, and even figures out how bonding to it so it can be used works.

Mary agrees to use the magic ring to locate a member of a rival family Ginevra is after (the member of the rival family is apparently heading towards Rome to petition the papacy). After learning about the less than nice side-effects of the ring’s use (it makes Mary suspicious, particularly of her allies, and keeps giving her headaches) Ginevra isn’t too reluctant to let her hold onto it.

The group decides the next course of action is disenchant a magic sword taken from a Chosen of Empusa. The sword is of a necromantic nature, and at present Draxis has it. He decides to seek out a university professor-mage to aid him, and the mage decides he is willing to disenchant the sword in exchange for the jewels it is decorated with.

The next day the group returns to the professor, but on the way Draxis notes someone atop the apartments where Aeliana lives (taking up residence in the tower recently aside). The individual runs and vanishes into black smoke-shadow-stuff.
The group goes up to the apartment and finds Aeliana pinned to the wall, in a way which resembles crucifixion, her head removed, and nowhere to be found. However, nothing else is missing.

A potion is used by Andrea to look back into the past: they see a man, completely hairless, with tattoos (very complicated, tribal?) made of some manner of shining, glowing red material, enter the room, and slice off Aeliana’s head while she sleeps. She reverts to dragon form.

The group, in shock, continues to deal with the evil sword they left with the professor. He is not 100% confident he was successful “evil magic items…. sneaky things you know.”
Mary decided she’d like to watch over it for a time to assure it isn’t being “sneaky”.
The group also notifies the Witchguard of what has happened.

In attempt to Investigate the matter further, the group speaks with the archmage of the University, Velasco and the Witchguard. Through this cast of characters they discover that there’s a group of anti-mages (Inquisitors, Witch-hunters) created by the Church with such tattoos, which have anti-magical powers. There’s supposedly only 13 at any given time. However, the killer’s tattoos were red, and he clearly used magic, while the Witch-hunters have blue tattoos.

They also meet Luca Donati, a smuggler from Rome who fled to Bologna. He tells them that he could get them to Rome if need be. He also notifies them that Severus Gaius (a knight of the Blood of Adam) has followed him to Rome and is hunting him, and Severus vehemently hates lacerta.

The group has also been told to consider who perhaps may have been observing them. They do note that they’ve seen a university student who Aeliana had a fling with a few times at the University pub before… not extremely unusual. However, they do finally note him tailing them. There’s a confrontation at the university, which leads to (due to actions by Mary and Andrea) him manifesting into the form of an Ophanim (a type of angel), and vanishing in a great wave of blinding light. The students panic in response to the sight of such an incredibly alien being of such power. The faculty and player group manages to help calm things.

They consult an expert on celati and other supernatural beings at the university who confirms it very much looked to be an ophanim, a type of angel, likely a grigori, who are those that fell, but not far enough to be cast into hell. However, the professor seems really disappointed that a mere low tier dismiss-illusion spell was what managed to cause it to reveal itself. He suggests that maybe it wasn’t what it seemed… however, it certainly seemed real enough.

Session 5: yes, notes will happen, eventually

I neglected session 5 notes, they will happen…. the most basic gist: the group deals with the Chosen of Empusa group, finds out Andrea’s mother is in cahoots with them (has been leading the group), she however escapes.
The group confronts the problematic mage Prelatus, and makes a deal which results in peaceful resolution. Prelatus leaves his tower, the group takes it over.

Session 4 Continued: a journey back from Venice

The group finds themselves free from the strange magic of the Dimensional Tower and floating in the waters some distance from Venice. Leonidas, the therion who had been trapped in the tower, is with them.

They are also weighed down with loot taken from the tower and other places reached via its doors. Mary decides to shape the (very large) amount of gold which Giacomo has taken from the tower into a gondola, and so the group climbs into the gondola and makes their way to Venice proper.

Once in Venice the gold is restored to its former shape, and the group makes their way to an inn and bar to dry off, and hopefully get some rest in a relatively normal place.

Their attempt at rest is interrupted, however, for Andrea has enemies in Venice. There are Blood of Adam Knights in the bar who recognize Andrea, and a confrontation between the two groups quickly escalates to violence. The knights are slain, and the group makes a run for it.

The group stops fleeing some distance from the bar, realizing they need to figure out how they will go about getting back to Bologna. Fortunately they manage to find a group of merchants (who happen to be lacerta) that are making their way to Bologna. The player group decides to offer their services as caravan guards and begin to travel back.

The journey goes well until one night when Giacomo is attacked by a great black wolf, while everyone else sleeps. The noise of combat awakens the group, and they join in to help deal with the wolf. Aeliana uses magic to possess the wolf, seizing control of it, and this allows it to be tied up. The creature is kept tied up, but fed, and Aeliana uses magic to aid in building up trust, hoping this wild beast might be trained as a guard dog.

The group finally makes it back to Bologna. They head back to Velasco, head of the Strafalcioni, to whom Leonidas is loyal. The group is rewarded for Leonidas’ safe return.

After leaving behind the Strafalcioni the group seeks out the Witchguard, and discover that the Blood of Adam headquarters has been collapsed into the earth by magical means. Members of the Blood of Adam now head towards Rome. The group manages to catch up with the knights, and setup an ambush with them. The knights are slain, and their remains are hidden.

The group returns to Bologna and reports back their handling of the situation to the Witchguard. They have other issues on their hands; the troublesome mage who has collapsed the Blood of Adams headquarters created collateral damage in the area, and the Witchguard wants him captured. The location where the bulk of the Chosen of Empusa have been hiding out has also been discovered. The player group resolves to handle these things.

Sessions 3 to start of 4: The Dimensional Tower

The group went to the Frisky Goat where they had… fun, and also found the Chosen of Empusa who was hiding out there (disguised as a human prostitute). The creature put up quite a fight, but the group did manage to kill it, with some aid from therion guards from the Strafalcioni faction.

After defeating the Chosen of Empusa the group met with very Velasco (the Strafalcioni boss, a therion with predominately lupine features) who they discuss the situation with, and get a monetary reward for helping him deal with a threat to his business (which the Chosen of Empusa was).

From Velasco the group learns that some therion are missing, presumed taken by Blood of Adam knights. The group investigates the area where the therion were seen fleeing Blood of Adam, and find a magical circle. They activate the circle and end up in a mage tower.

The tower is warped by dimensional magic, and within the group encounters all manner of strange phenomena, from altered gravity to doors to distant places. They poke around the tower a bit and eventually encounter Leonidas, a therion loyal to Velasco who has been trapped in the tower.

The group discovers thanks to the mad-cat therion Leonidas that the tower is owned by Teo, a nephilim mage. The mage experimented on Leonidas, and left him mangled, but has vanished at this point and not returned for some time.

The group decides to make their way up towers the top of the tower. While making their way upwards the group ventures briefly through one of the tower’s strange doors (which lead to all manner of places) to a desert with a large very hot red sun. It is briefly explored, with the ruins of strange city found, and a temple to some unknown god looted by the group’s resident mercenary with Aeliana alongside. Giacomo gets an odd double bladed weapon and gold.

Through another door Aeliana sees Bologna, and it appears the city is preparing for war.

Potions are found in another room, Mary tries one, which ages her and freaks Andrea out (she runs out and through the door to the desert world).

Eventually, the group makes it to the mage Teo’s room, and confront stone lion statues (the size of house cats), which act as guardians for it.

Aeliana finds a staff (the Thyrsus, which for reasons unknown the Chosen of Empusa have been seeking).

The characters find a door that leads out to an ocean and escape to what they discover is Venice.

Session 2: Bloody Remains

Giacomo, at present, is a condottiere without a company, and as he has been away from Bologna for some time, is in need of work around the area in any case. He decides to join the local mercenary company. The company’s name is falchi feroci (Fierce Falcons). Fortunately, Giacomo manages to impress their leader, a woman by the name of Lucretia some.

Later that day, while walking about a nearby neighborhood, Giacomo overhears a discussion taking place between a few city guards at a house. They mention, “all that remained was a bloody skeleton”.

The group meets up, and hears from Giacomo about what he overheard.

The group decides to investigate the situation and find out some information from a neighbor of the man who lived at the house the guards were at. They discover that he had been going to the “Frisky Goat” which is a brothel ran by therion (though all the prostitutes are human).

The group also manages to figure out that the being responsible is an Empusa, a vampire-like creature spawned by the ancient goddess Hecate.

Eventually, the group decides to go to the Witchguard for more information. Through intel given to them by Witchguard members Anna and Zenata the group discovers that a servant who works for Giacomo’s family is suspected to be an Empusa.

The group persuades Anna and Zenata to aid them in going after this Empusa and sneak into Giacomo’s family’s home to confront it.

Within the house, the group engages in combat with the Empusa and manages to take it down.

What was learned about the Empusa: They can gain control of a person if they bite them. They all have a weakness which can be seen in a mirror. They are vulnerable to water, especially if it gets into one of their wounds.

The group decides their next course of action is to go to the Frisky Goat and see if someone there may know anything more (their clientele have been targeted by the Empusa Afterall). The Witchguard were confident, however, that the therion faction who runs the brothel are not in cahoots with the Empusa.

Character connections
The Ties that Bind

Aeliana, Andrea & Giacomo: Giacomo and Aeliana fought undead hordes and a necromancer that encroached on her family’s property, they lost unfortunately.
Andrea was there as well, because he had been sent to find Aeliana, or maybe there’s a bit more to it?

Aeliana & Draxis: Draxis got into a battle with a mage, that, looked puny but proved more than he could handle. Aeliana managed to save him, fortunately.

Mary, Draxis & Giacomo
Mary and her family were traveling to Bologna. They were attacked by brigands, one of whom was a mage with a rod that prevented Mary from casting spells, so she sent out a spiritual distress beacon and got Draxis and Giocomo to show up.

Mary & Andrea
Mary and her family, still traveling. She senses spiritual distress in a remote cabin where Blood of Adam members were torturing and about to kill Andrea. So together, they killed the all those Blood of Adam and got away.

Session 1: Witches & Wyverns

Towards Bologna & the Confused Man
The session begins with the group (which includes Andrea, Giacomo, Draxis, Aeliana and Mary ) heading towards Bologna. Once they pass through the city gates they see a young man, who appears to be quite confused. The man is wearing what appears to be a brown scholar’s outfit.

The group approaches him and asks if they can help him. They find he is seeking someone named Tusco Gardanzono, but doesn’t appear to remember much else, even his own name.

The group agrees to try and help him. The first place they go is where the man recalls “waking up”, which was an alley. He vaguely recalls being attacked by two women in cloaks (though he is scratched up, he doesn’t seem to be severely wounded). The group goes to the alley, looks about, finds a simple copper ring which the man recognizes as his, some sign of struggle, but nothing more.

After going to the alley, Andrea figuring the university may be a good place to start. Once at the university, the group realizes the amnesiac must be a student, because his brown outfit is the same as the uniform of the other students (while the professors have a black outfit). The group mulls over whether to speak to the student body or an academic authority (teacher body I guess). They decide on student body, and eventually end up at the university tavern.

In the tavern a girl recognizes the amnesiac as Tusco (the person who he had initially thought he needed to find was himself), and it is found out he’s been missing for a few days. One thing leads to another, it’s figured out he’s a mage, but now he can’t recall how to cast.

Mary uses her supernatural powers upon him hoping to discern more and receives a vision of a cloaked woman before a building falling down.

Andrea attempts to heal Tusco some and manages to bring back some memories, but they are not pleasant. The amnesiac now believes he is a murder, who killed someone wearing an emblem of “a knight driving a sword through a dragon”. He also believes himself responsible for burning down a building, and is able to direct the group to the location. The building ends up being the Blood of Adam’s headquarters. Once there the group discovers the building was burned down a few weeks prior as well.

Aeliana, having the ability to enter dreams and bring other people into them (assuming they are somewhat nearby and sleeping) decides perhaps getting into his subconscious could bring more to light. Thus the group heads to Aeliana’s simple apartment and decide to journey into Tusco’s dreams. There they confront two warrior-mage women, and manage to note the women are wearing a pendant of silver branches intertwined. The warrior-women are more than a match for the group, so Aeliana pulls them out of the dream sequence. The group deals with their psychic wounds gained from the sequence and rests.

After this the group goes to the Sisterhood of the Phoenix, just in case they may know more or have some connection to the women who were in the dream sequence. They do know of the Witchguard, and that the symbol of the intertwined silver branches is there’s. They offer to give Tusco a safe place to stay, and thus he stays under their protection for the time being.

After this the group enjoys themselves at the University tavern (The Open Book) a bit.

The Whispering Wall

The next day the group splits.

Draxis discovers rumors of missing children, and some people believe it is a lacerta.
Mary while surveying the city also notices a point at which there seems to be aethereal activity.

The group thus decides to check out that location, discovering the “Whispering Wall”. They manage to communicate with people who seem to be trapped within, including a child which claims it was snatched up and carried away by some terribly creature with a stinger. The child claims the creature killed him once reaching a barn.

A woman sweeping the area notices the group while they are making use of the Whispering Wall.

The Menace in the Countryside

The group sets off to ask around the countryside about missing children, signs of large flying creatures and any barns that might be convenient for such a thing.

Eventually, they find said barn, in which there is a fire-breathing wyvern keeping a badly wounded human child. The group provokes the wyvern, and combat commences. The wyvern is slain and the child saved and returned to its family.

The wyvern’s head is taken by Draxis and turned in as evidence to the authorities. Aeliana takes the wyvern’s stinger.

While the wyvern’s head is dropped off, a confrontation with two Witchguard is had, they mention being most interested in any information the group might have on the mage who burned down the Blood of Adam headquarters.


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