Renaissance La Rossa is a Fate RPG campaign which is a bit of an experiment. The game rotates between two GMs, both of who have been cooperating in writing the adventure. It also uses the Leaves of Chiaroscuro setting, which has gone through multiple variations before reaching this form.

The game started out in the city of Bologna Italy in 1506, in the Renaissance world of Asiyah and has focused primarily on city-based adventure. It is a place where magic, wonder and horror exists alongside the familiar, the mundane.

The world of Asiyah is one amongst an infinite number of other worlds, ranging themselves from the familiar to the increasingly strange.

While most of the Italian populace is human, others are celati; beings which, though kin of humanity, are something else. Scions of the dragon-gods, the bestial therion, angelic nephilim and elemental apeiron.

Note: if you pick up Dragons of La Rossa once it is released, this campaign uses it a lot, so will have a lot of spoilers for that adventure.

Fate Renaissance La Rossa

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