Fate Renaissance La Rossa

Session 4 Continued: a journey back from Venice

The group finds themselves free from the strange magic of the Dimensional Tower and floating in the waters some distance from Venice. Leonidas, the therion who had been trapped in the tower, is with them.

They are also weighed down with loot taken from the tower and other places reached via its doors. Mary decides to shape the (very large) amount of gold which Giacomo has taken from the tower into a gondola, and so the group climbs into the gondola and makes their way to Venice proper.

Once in Venice the gold is restored to its former shape, and the group makes their way to an inn and bar to dry off, and hopefully get some rest in a relatively normal place.

Their attempt at rest is interrupted, however, for Andrea has enemies in Venice. There are Blood of Adam Knights in the bar who recognize Andrea, and a confrontation between the two groups quickly escalates to violence. The knights are slain, and the group makes a run for it.

The group stops fleeing some distance from the bar, realizing they need to figure out how they will go about getting back to Bologna. Fortunately they manage to find a group of merchants (who happen to be lacerta) that are making their way to Bologna. The player group decides to offer their services as caravan guards and begin to travel back.

The journey goes well until one night when Giacomo is attacked by a great black wolf, while everyone else sleeps. The noise of combat awakens the group, and they join in to help deal with the wolf. Aeliana uses magic to possess the wolf, seizing control of it, and this allows it to be tied up. The creature is kept tied up, but fed, and Aeliana uses magic to aid in building up trust, hoping this wild beast might be trained as a guard dog.

The group finally makes it back to Bologna. They head back to Velasco, head of the Strafalcioni, to whom Leonidas is loyal. The group is rewarded for Leonidas’ safe return.

After leaving behind the Strafalcioni the group seeks out the Witchguard, and discover that the Blood of Adam headquarters has been collapsed into the earth by magical means. Members of the Blood of Adam now head towards Rome. The group manages to catch up with the knights, and setup an ambush with them. The knights are slain, and their remains are hidden.

The group returns to Bologna and reports back their handling of the situation to the Witchguard. They have other issues on their hands; the troublesome mage who has collapsed the Blood of Adams headquarters created collateral damage in the area, and the Witchguard wants him captured. The location where the bulk of the Chosen of Empusa have been hiding out has also been discovered. The player group resolves to handle these things.


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